Distribution of PPE is usually managed by a member of staff, taking up valuable time that would be better spent on more value-creating activities for the company.

Furthermore, manual procurement typically leads to errors and unnecessary purchasing, making the whole process inefficient, especially if applied to all products such as PPE, workwear, accessories, spare parts, utensils and other consumables.

  • 24/7 Self-service available for each authorized operator, accessible with the company badge
  • Reduced waste, better usage management
  • Personal usage report for each employee and product
  • Usage rules for each working group
  • Usage limits for each product and work group
  • Return management for reusable products
  • Kanban-style automated product restocking
  • Savings between 20% and 40% statistically
  • PPE Register Automation (as per Italian Govt. Regulation 81/2008)

The EasySelf24 service is managed by the B-Lean logistics division of the Berardi Group, specialized in the planning and development of logistics solutions, advising clients and analyzing each production phase and process to make it more efficient, both in terms of supply complexity, flexibility, and reaction time. The new logistics division enacts Berardi’s mission to provide clients with a 360-degree service, cutting wasteful operations, and taking care of all the C-parts and industrial components utilized in their final assemblies.