About us

Berardi Safety is the company’s new division. Safeguarding the health of workers and collaborators is essential and necessary. Berardi Safety offers technical consulting to navigate the complex world of Safety apparel and PPE. In Italy, Workers’ health and safety are regulated by law 81/2008. All companies must respect it to allow their employees and collaborators to carry out their daily activities in complete safety. We source each item from prestigious companies in this sector, producing with the highest quality standards. Our goal is to make everybody safe, inside and outside the company. To achieve this, we think it is necessary to share our know-how during the purchasing process and promote education about the usage of safety materials.

Berardi Safety does not just offer top quality products, but also a complete and varied range: high-visibility clothing, flame retardant clothing to protect the body from heat and flames, multi-protection apparel, protecting the body from the hazards of welding and similar procedures, thermal clothing, and more. We also offer safety shoes, produced by specialized companies: shoes with anti-slip, anti-perforation and anti-static soles, with toecaps to protect feet from blows and crushing. The catalog also includes professonal clothing for office workers and for events attended by company representatives. All clothing can be personalized with the client’s logos. Beside the products, we also offer services such as the EasySelf24 PPE distribution machines. Competence, professionalism and technical knowledge are our core values, making Berardi Safety the ideal partner for all the supply of any work safety products.